Landmark Judgement on Entomologists’ Regularization in Municipal Corporation Case

In a significant ruling by the Supreme Court of India, a landmark judgement has been passed regarding the regularization of Entomologists in the Municipal Corporation. The case, which involved the continuous efforts of Entomologists since 1997-8 to combat the dengue outbreak, has finally seen a decisive conclusion. The Court’s decision provides clarity on the contentious issue of regularization, bringing relief to the individuals involved.


  • The respondents are currently working against seven out of twelve sanctioned posts of Entomologists since 1997-8.
  • Additional posts were created on 14 July 2008 by conversion of existing positions.
  • The respondents were appointed after public advertisement and selection through interviews.
  • Their engagement aimed to combat the continued outbreak of dengue, a persistent concern.
  • The appointment, initially contractual for six months, has been extended.

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  • The High Court provided detailed reasoning for not overturning the Tribunal’s order.
  • The appellant was directed to consider the cases of the respondents for regularization as Entomologists.
  • The Tribunal’s decision was found to be valid and justified by the High Court.
  • The court is not willing to entertain the appeal regarding the grant of regularization.
  • The Municipal Corporation should not be obligated to provide monetary benefits from 2008 as directed by the High Court.
  • The decision regarding consequential monetary benefits is left to the discretion of the Court.

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  • Monetary benefits granted from 1 October 2015 as per Central Administrative Tribunal judgment.
  • Notional pay fixation and continuity of service granted to the respondents.
  • Appeal disposed of with the mentioned modifications.

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Case Number: C.A. No.-008974-008974 / 2019

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