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In a recent legal case involving a complex land dispute, the court’s in-depth legal analysis and interpretation of evidence played a crucial role in determining the outcome. The court’s examination of the proceedings post the demise of a party sheds light on the importance of timely and accurate legal representation. This blog delves into the intricacies of the case, focusing on the court’s meticulous evaluation of facts and legal principles to reach a just conclusion.


  • Defendant No.4 was held to have title to the house by the Trial Court.
  • Leave was granted to file an Appeal by the Court on 14.02.2009.
  • Defendant No.1, husband of Defendant No.2, claimed ownership of Survey No.108 where the house in question is located.
  • Defendant No.2 died during the pendency of the appeal.
  • Plaintiffs purchased the property from Defendants No.3 and 4.
  • Son of Defendant No.4’s testimony was found unreliable by the Single Judge for not knowing key information about the property.
  • Plaintiff No.2 and Defendant No.2 died during the case proceedings.
  • Plaintiff moved an application in 2014 to bring legal representatives of deceased Defendant No.2 on record.
  • Defendant Nos.1 and 2 were declared trespassers by the Civil Court.
  • High Court found that the suit property was not in the plot claimed by Defendants No.1 and 2.
  • Preliminary objection raised by Defendant No.1’s counsel on maintainability of the appeal due to abatement of Defendant No.2 in the case.
  • Defendants No.1 and 2 denied trespassing allegations made by the Plaintiffs in the suit.
  • Various legal proceedings and rulings were mentioned related to the case.
  • Application for bringing the remaining legal representatives of deceased Defendant No.2 on record faced issues leading to the deletion of Defendant No.2 from the parties.
  • Additional evidence was accepted and marked as Exhibit B-14 by the Single Judge in the High Court.
  • Defendant No.2’s deletion from the array of parties led to the dismissal sought by Defendant No.1’s counsel during a hearing in 2019.
  • The learned Single Judge of the High Court dismissed the suit and reversed the judgment of the Trial Court.
  • The Division Bench of the High Court also dismissed the LPA filed by the Plaintiffs.
  • The Plaintiff’s averments regarding Defendant No.4 gifting land to Defendant No.3 were disbelieved by the Single Judge.
  • The evidence provided by PW-2 and PW-4 was deemed unhelpful to the Plaintiff by the Single Judge.
  • The Single Judge concluded that the Plaintiff failed to prove her title over the suit house and possession since 07.11.1974.
  • The relationship between Defendants No.3 and 4 was not proven.

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  • Failure to make an application for impleading other heirs and legal representatives within the limitation period will not result in abatement of the proceeding

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  • The Petitioner relied on the judgement in Mahabir Prasad v. Jage Ram & Ors. which stated that when a party dies in a proceeding, it is sufficient to describe the legal representative already on record in another capacity as an heir and legal representative.
  • The High Court upheld the judgement of the Single Judge, stating that the suit plot did not form part of a different plot as pleaded by the Plaintiffs.
  • The main contention was regarding the allowance of an application under Order XLI Rule 27 by Defendant Nos. 1 and 2 to place a judgement of the High Court on record.

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  • Exhibit A-1 mentioned Defendant No.4 conveyed the suit premises to Defendant No.3 by oral gift
  • Recital in Exhibit A-1 regarding the oral gift was found struck off and initialled by Defendant No.3
  • The High Court reviewed all the evidence thoroughly.
  • The Plaintiff did not establish a case for title over the disputed property.
  • The judgement of the learned Single Judge was affirmed.


  • The Appeal has been dismissed.
  • The Division Bench of the High Court has thoroughly analyzed the evidence presented.
  • The Supreme Court concurs with the Division Bench’s assessment.

Case Title: P. ISHWARI BAI Vs. ANJANI BAI (2021 INSC 432)

Case Number: C.A. No.-008548-008548 / 2009

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