Legal Analysis: Extension of Limitation Periods Post-Lockdown

Delve into the legal intricacies of a recent judgment discussing the extension of limitation periods post-lockdown. The court’s thorough analysis covered various aspects, meticulously examining key points and considering different perspectives. By applying legal principles to the facts of the case and reviewing evidence with attention to detail, the court provided clarity on the impact of the lockdown on limitation periods. As the country returns to normalcy, understanding these legal nuances becomes essential in navigating the evolving legal landscape.


  • The analysis in the judgement covered various aspects of the case
  • Key points were examined thoroughly
  • Different perspectives were considered in the analysis
  • Legal principles were applied to the facts of the case
  • Evidence was carefully reviewed during the analysis
  • The lockdown has been lifted and the country is returning to normalcy.
  • The purpose of the lockdown has been served.
  • Due to the changing scenario related to the pandemic, the extension of limitations should come to an end.

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  • The period from 15.03.2020 till 14.03.2021 is excluded in computing periods of limitation under various laws.
  • If the balance period of limitation remaining from 15.03.2021 is greater than 90 days, the longer period applies.
  • For cases where limitation would have expired between 15.03.2020 and 14.03.2021, a limitation period of 90 days from 15.03.2021 is provided.
  • The Government of India is directed to amend guidelines for containment zones.
  • Courts and Tribunals are functioning either physically or virtually.
  • The order dated 23.03.2020 extended the period of limitation prescribed under general or special laws.
  • The balance period of limitation remaining as of 15.03.2020 becomes available from 15.03.2021.

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Case Number: SMW(C) No.-000003 / 2020

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