Legal Analysis in Custody Battle Resolution

In a recent legal case, the court delved into the complexities of custody battles, emphasizing the paramount consideration of the children’s welfare. The analysis focused on the importance of mediation and judicial processes in resolving personal disputes amicably. The court’s decision highlighted the need for an expeditious resolution within the framework of the law, showcasing the significance of legal analysis in safeguarding the rights of all parties involved.


  • Appellant Soumitra Kumar Nahar and respondent Parul Nahar married in 2001.
  • The couple had a girl named Sanjana in 2005 and a boy named Shravan in 2008.
  • Matrimonial differences arose after the birth of their second child.
  • Appellant filed a Guardianship Petition and a Divorce Petition based on cruelty and adultery.
  • Appellant’s father filed a suit for a mandatory injunction against the respondent wife from entering his property.
  • Respondent-wife did not comply with the court’s order to vacate the property.

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  • The respondent’s arguments were considered and addressed by the court
  • The court made a decision in response to the respondent’s arguments
  • The appellant-husband seeks guardianship rights of the minor children, requesting custody or liberty to file a separate guardianship petition.
  • Appropriate provision for safety and security of the children requested.
  • Opposition from respondent-wife due to recent passing of paternal grandparents and lack of positive influence on children.
  • Respondent-wife seeks withdrawal of consent to settlement and access to children as per school rules.
  • Request for both parents to have equal access to children and consent for major activities.

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  • The judgment discusses the various applications and orders related to visitation rights of the father and the mother to meet their children in a matrimonial dispute.
  • Efforts were made by the court to facilitate interactions between the children and their father, appointing experts for assessment and ensuring the children’s welfare.
  • The court emphasizes the paramount consideration of the welfare of the child in custody battles and urges an amicable resolution of disputes for the children’s benefit.
  • The tragic consequences of the matrimonial discord are highlighted, such as the loss of grandparents during the proceedings.
  • The court underscores the importance of mediation and judicial processes in resolving personal disputes and custody battles, with a focus on the well-being of the children involved.
  • Any grievance raised before the appropriate forum can be looked into and decided independently in accordance with the law.
  • The forum should not be influenced by any observations made by the Court.
  • The matter should be resolved expeditiously within the framework of the law.
  • It is advisable for the Court not to record any finding on the matter to prevent potential harm to the litigating parties.

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  • Respondent No.2 will pay appellant maintenance @ Rs.60,000/- per month inclusive of the children and their education expenses.
  • Defendant No.1 is directed to vacate the subject property and hand over peaceful possession to the plaintiff within a month.
  • The custody/visitation rights of the parties will continue as per the interim arrangement until further orders, with the liberty to file a custody/guardianship petition for the minor children.
  • The petitioner-wife is directed to produce both children at the Supreme Court Mediation Centre.
  • The interim arrangement for maintenance will continue during the divorce proceedings.
  • The consent order of the High Court in terms of the settlement dated 1 March, 2013 is upheld.
  • Specific instructions regarding custody arrangements during school breaks are provided for.
  • Ms. Parul Nahar is directed to cooperate with the formalities for the admission of the children in school.
  • Issues of maintenance, domestic violence, custody, and visitation rights are resolved by the consent order dated 1 March, 2013.


Case Number: C.A. No.-001670-001670 / 2020

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