Legal Analysis in Upholding Conviction and Dismissal of Appeals

In a recent legal case, the court extensively analyzed the evidence presented, leading to the upholding of the petitioner’s conviction and the dismissal of various appeals. The court’s thorough legal analysis showcased a comprehensive understanding of the case, ensuring justice was served based on the law. Let’s delve into the intricate legal reasoning behind the court’s decisions in this significant case.


  • The criminal appeal filed by the accused was heard at length
  • Points raised by the accused were considered in Crl. Appeal Nos. 607-608 of 2017
  • Accused’s appeal was dismissed by the judgment of this Court dated 05.05.2017
  • Petitioner was given sufficient opportunity
  • After consideration of the evidence, the petitioner was convicted
  • Conviction was upheld in appeal by the High Court in a judgment dated 13.03.2014
  • The Additional Sessions Judge, Patiala House Courts, New Delhi dismissed the criminal revision petition filed by the petitioner on 17.03.2020.
  • The Mercy Petition of Mukesh was rejected by the President of India on 17.01.2020.

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  • Proper consideration of evidence was not done
  • Doubts were raised about the disability of Ram Singh who allegedly committed suicide in prison
  • Concerns were raised about the arrest of the petitioner at Karoli, Rajasthan

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  • Writ petition challenging the Order of rejection of Mercy Petition was dismissed by the Court on 29.01.2020.
  • Review Petition (Crl.) No.570 of 2017 was dismissed by the Court on 09.07.2018.
  • Curative petition(R) No.6 of 2020 filed by the petitioner was also dismissed by the Court on 14.01.2020.
  • No grounds found to entertain the writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution of India.
  • Writ petition is accordingly dismissed.
  • Pending applications, if any, shall stand disposed of.
  • Criminal Revision Petition NO.237 of 2020 challenging an Order was also dismissed by the High Court on 18.03.2020.

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Case Title: MUKESH Vs. STATE OF NCT OF DELHI (2020 INSC 311)

Case Number: W.P.(Crl.) No.-000119 / 2020

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