Legal Analysis of Barcode Compliance: Case Summary

Discover a comprehensive overview of a recent legal case where the court extensively analyzed the compliance of barcodes. The judgment emphasized the importance of adhering to proper information standards in barcodes, showcasing the critical role of legal principles in such cases. Stay tuned to learn more about the intricacies of legal analysis in the context of barcode compliance.


  • The facts of the case were extensively discussed and analyzed.
  • Key evidence and testimonies were presented and evaluated.
  • The court considered the relevant legal principles in light of the facts presented.
  • The parties’ arguments were considered and addressed in the judgment.

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  • Ms. Geeta Luthra, senior counsel for the appellant, noted that information required under Rule 32(e) was available in the barcode.
  • Information in the barcode could be revealed by a barcode scanner.
  • The respondent could not counter this argument.

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  • A complaint case was lodged by the Food Inspector based on a report dated 30.05.2011.
  • Sealed samples of Snapple Juice Drink were purchased for analysis on 03.05.2011.
  • Notices were issued to the appellant under Section 251 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
  • The appellant applied for discharge under Section 294 of the Code citing the presence of necessary barcodes containing all required information.
  • Relevant information for traceability was found in the barcode and could be decoded by a scanner.
  • The prosecution was quashed as it was deemed that the barcode provided sufficient information, and continuing the prosecution would be an abuse of process causing undue harassment to the appellant.
  • The report of the Public Analyst dated 30.05.2011 stated that the sample confirmed to standards but was misbranded due to lacking necessary declaration of lot/batch numbers.
  • The appellant was identified as one of the Directors of M/s. V & V Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
  • The appeal against the prosecution in CC No 04 of 2012 was allowed and the prosecution was quashed.
  • The High Court also failed to consider the ground raised by the appellant regarding the presence of barcodes on the sample.

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Case Title: RAGHAV GUPTA Vs. STATE ( NCT OF DELHI) (2020 INSC 532)

Case Number: Crl.A. No.-000562-000562 / 2020

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