Legal Implications of AGR Dues Calculation

Delve into the complexities of the court’s legal analysis regarding AGR dues calculation in the telecom sector. The court’s ruling emphasizes the prohibition of new disputes, recalculations, and reassessments, ensuring the finality of the decision. Stay tuned to understand the intricacies of this significant legal case.


  • TSPs are directed not to dispute the demand raised by the Department of Telecom in respect of the AGR dues based on the judgment of the Court
  • TSPs are required to make a payment of 10% of the total dues demanded by DoT by 31.3.2021
  • Payment of AGR dues to be made in yearly instalments from 1.4.2021 to 31.3.2031, payable by 31 March of each succeeding financial year
  • Companies must provide an undertaking through Managing Director/Chairman or other authorized officer to make payment of arrears as per the order within four weeks
  • Prohibition of new round of litigation regarding AGR dues
  • No scope for raising further disputes regarding AGR dues
  • The calculations and amount to be recovered as mentioned in the order shall be final, and no recalculation or self-assessment is allowed

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  • Errors in computation of AGR dues of the Applicant in M.A. No.83 of 2021 due to double counting, unaccounted payments, and accrued deductions not considered.
  • Applicant should not suffer for calculation errors made by the Union of India.
  • Glaring errors in demand raised by Union of India in M.A. No.115 of 2021 where paid amounts were not accounted for.
  • No prohibition on seeking rectification of inadvertent errors in AGR dues calculation.
  • Arithmetical errors due to inadvertence in the Department of Telecommunications’ computation of dues.
  • Applicants not seeking to reopen decided issues by this Court in its previous judgment.
  • Scrutiny of accounts for several years needed to determine AGR dues payable by Applicants.
  • Paragraph 38 (i) of the judgment dated 01.09.2020 prohibits raising disputes on AGR dues basis on the judgment.
  • No reassessment allowed as per para 38 of the judgment.
  • Union of India filed an application seeking approval on the mode and timeline of recovery of AGR dues from the TSPs.
  • Several TSPs were undergoing insolvency proceedings under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.
  • Applicants, represented by learned Senior Counsel, were not seeking any positive direction but permission to verify accounts and rectify defects in computation of AGR dues.

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  • Applications seeking correction or rectification of AGR dues calculation deemed as recalculation altering the specified AGR dues.
  • No disputes allowed in relation to AGR dues calculated as per the order dated 20.07.2020.
  • Judgment of 01.09.2020 addressed issues on payment and liabilities between TSPs in spectrum sharing and trading.
  • No telecom operator to dispute AGR dues as per the judgment dated 24.10.2019.
  • No reassessment permitted.
  • The dispute relating to AGR dues had been pending in courts for a long time
  • The court emphasized that AGR dues payable by TSPs should not be the subject of future litigation

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  • The Court stated that there is no room for doubt regarding entertaining any application for altering the AGR dues of the TSPs.
  • An attempt to seek recalculation and reassessment was made at the time of passing the order dated 20.07.2020, which was rejected outright by the Court.
  • The order dated 20.07.2020 clearly indicates that there is no scope for any recalculation/re-computation of AGR dues.
  • The Miscellaneous Applications are deemed misconceived and hence dismissed by the Court.


Case Number: MA-000083 / 2021

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