Preservation and Maintenance of Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple

In a legal case concerning the preservation and maintenance of Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple, the court has issued pivotal orders emphasizing expert inspections, prevention of erosion of the temple structure, and adherence to preservation protocols. The focus lies on safeguarding the temple’s heritage and preventing further deterioration through expert-led measures. Stay tuned for updates on the court’s directives and the temple’s preservation efforts.


  • Regular offerings of ghee, milk, curd, and honey to the deity are observed.
  • Erosion of Shivalingam is a continuing process, with further deterioration noted in July 2020.
  • Efforts to maintain Lingam integrity by providing filtered water and pure milk from temple resources are being made.
  • Restrictions on visitor offerings and entry into the Garbh Griha during the COVID pandemic are in place.
  • Concerns raised about erosion of Shivalingam and modern constructions within temple premises.
  • Necessity for periodic expert inspections to prevent erosion and preserve temple structure is highlighted.
  • Initiatives to remove eyesore paintings, restore original work, and ensure proper rituals by experienced Poojaries are underway.
  • Emphasis on the importance of expert-led rituals and preservation of temple heritage.
  • Efforts to improve sanitation, drainage, and structural stability of the temple are ongoing.
  • Regular monitoring and compliance with court orders regarding temple maintenance and restoration.


  • The Temple Committee has requested funds from the State or Central Government for repairs and maintenance within the temple premises.
  • Encroachments within 500 meters from the temple are to be removed as per the Expert Committee’s recommendation.
  • The State of Madhya Pradesh has presented a detailed plan for the development of Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple and surrounding areas through the ‘Mahakaal Rudrasagar Integrated Development Approach’ project.
  • The Ujjain Smart City Limited has proposed various developments for Phase I and Phase II of the project.
  • The Expert Committee is directed to visit the temple and submit a report on steps to prevent deterioration of Shivlinga and preserve the temple structure by 15 December 2020.
  • A yearly survey report is to be submitted to the Court by the Expert Committee.
  • The Central Government will cover expenses of Rs.41.30 Lakhs to be paid to CBRI, Roorkee.


  • CBRI may need to submit project report within a reasonable time
  • Possibility of further reducing weight to prevent mechanical abrasion
  • Temple Committee to improve pH value of Bhasma during Bhasma Aarti
  • Temple Committee to preserve Shivalingam from further deterioration
  • Implementation of best methodology to prevent damage to Lingam
  • Temple Committee to reduce weight of Mund Mala and Serpakarnahas
  • Ensuring Shivalingam preservation from mechanical abrasion
  • Consideration of use of Metal Mund Mala on Shivalingam
  • Exploring alternatives to using Mund Mala and Serpakarnahas without touching Shivalingam
  • Visit of Expert Team to Ujjain on 19.01.2019
  • Expert Committee consisting of ASI and GSI experts for erosion prevention of Shivalinga in Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple
  • Rubbing curd, ghee, honey on the Shivalingam by devotees causes erosion
  • To preserve the Shivalingam, devotees should not rub it
  • Poojaries and authorized representatives must ensure no visitor or devotee rubs the Shivalingam


  • Video recording of Puja and Archana in Garbh Griha to be done 24 hours and preserved for at least six months
  • Central Government to pay Rs. 41.30 Lakhs as required
  • Prepare a comprehensive plan for necessary repairs, maintenance, and improvement with the help of Superintendent Engineer and available Architect
  • No Panchamrita to be poured on Shivalingam by devotees, only during traditional Puja and Archana
  • Temple Committee to take action against Poojaris/Purohits violating the above rule
  • Provide filtered and purified water from Koti Thirth Kund with required pH value
  • Limited quantity of pure milk allowed for pouring, except in traditional puja for temple
  • CBRI to visit temple and submit project report, no rubbing of Shivalingam except during traditional Puja and Archana
  • Prepare and implement a comprehensive plan for Chandranageshwar Temple preservation and maintenance
  • Ensure no slippery areas in Garbh Griha, perform necessary religious rituals regularly
  • Collector & Superintendent of Police to ensure removal of encroachment within 500 meters of temple premises
  • Ensure no impure or adulterated milk offered to Shivalingam
  • Ujjain Smart City Ltd. to undertake Mahakaal Rudrasagar Integrated Development Approach and submit detailed project report within six weeks
  • Remove modern additions in temple as ordered by Expert Committee and file compliance report
  • Restore original work in the temple as per assurance by the Committee
  • Provide pure milk from temple resources to visitors and devotees for offering


Case Number: MA-001235 / 2019

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